The Samsung Galaxy Nexus And The Nokia Lumia 800 - A Look At Design And Screen Technology

Samsung propelled the new Galaxy Nexus as a successor to the staggeringly well known Galaxy S2 and the gadget positively appears to flaunt the highlights and particular to make it another worldwide hit for the makers. Samsung face new challenge anyway from cell phone veterans Nokia and their spic and span Lumia 800 Windows telephone.. We perceive how the lead Android gadget takes care of business against the Windows 7 heavyweight as far as plan and screen innovation.

In fact there is no uncertainty that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a prevalent model yet in the plan office there truly is little to pick between these two telephones. The Nexus sports a thrilling structure that rolls out a charming improvement from the more rakish handsets that are at present accessible. The model estimates 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9mm which implies that the telephone is probably the slimmest model presently accessible. At only 135 grams in weight the telephone is additionally staggeringly light for its size. The Lumia 800 has an entirely unexpected plan from the Galaxy Nexus and spotlights all the more vigorously on straight lines and edges as opposed to bends. There is no uncertainty that the model is appealing yet we feel that the bends of the Nexus are marginally all the more satisfying on the eye. As far as measurements the Nokia estimates 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm which implies that the width and stature estimations are littler than its adversary yet this is predominantly because of the littler screen that the model offers. Somewhat all the more disillusioning is the profundity estimation of 12.1mm which implies that the telephone feels a lot chunkier than the Samsung and different adversaries, for example, the iPhone 4S.

There is no uncertainty which one of these two models offers the unrivaled screen quality. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus brags one the best screens we have ever experienced. The showcase utilizes Super AMOLED innovation to create lively hues and normally profound dull tones. Goals savvy the model showcases 720 x 1280 pixels which is a lot higher than numerous different cell phones as of now accessible. This lift in goals is required as the model uses an enormous 4.65 inch screen and the outcome is an exceptionally amazing pixels for each inch rating of 316 which is extremely near the heavenly quality offered by the iPhone 4S. The Lumia 800 uses a littler 3.7 inch show which indeed utilizes Super AMOLED innovation. The 480 x 800 goals creates a pixel thickness of 252PPI which is moderately acceptable yet not in a similar group as the Nexus. The screen is built from fortified Gorilla Glass which makes it entirely strong and impervious to scratches. The Nexus screen is treated with an Oleo phobic covering to help keep it from getting the unavoidable slick fingerprints.

2012 will be a significant year for the Android and Windows 7 portable stages and these two gadgets will be critical to every framework achievement. Both of these models offer appealing looks however with regards to screen quality the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a reasonable victor.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus [] and the iPhone 4S [] are accessible at this point.


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