The HTC Sensation XE And Samsung Galaxy S2 Are Among The Best Android Smartphones

With regards to Android cell phones, the HTC Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are two of the best. The HTC Sensation XE as of not long ago was the most impressive cell phone on the planet, though the Samsung Galaxy S2 demonstrated enormously well known all through 2011. Right now will think about a portion of the key highlights of these handsets so you can conclude which is the best.

What do they share in like manner?

Before I take a gander at the distinctions, it merits referencing that the two telephones share a few comparative highlights. First of all, the two of them have 8 megapixel cameras which are equipped for catching 1080p video and accompany all the additional items you would anticipate; self-adjust, LED streak, contact center, picture adjustment and face identification all included. Furthermore, the two of them send with v2.3 (otherwise known as Gingerbread) of the profoundly well known Android working framework. In spite of the fact that they share this quality, I will take a gander at their distinctive UIs.

The HTC Sensation XE runs the HTC Sense UI over the highest point of the Android Gingerbread stage, which is profoundly lauded for its customisable homescreens, gadgets and usability. Samsung additionally has its own Android UI called TouchWiz, form v4.0 of which is used with the Samsung Galaxy S2. This additionally offers gadgets and customisable homescreens, offering an option in contrast to the stock Android interface.

With regards to web perusing, the two handsets offer Wi-Fi availability, which gives the ideal web association. This is notwithstanding 3G inclusion, which the two handsets call upon at whatever point unfit to interface by means of Wi-Fi. The Samsung Galaxy S2 offers the quickest 3G association of any cell phone at 21 megabytes for every second, with the HTC Sensation XE not a long ways behind at 14.4 megabytes every second.

Another region where these telephones contrast somewhat is with their processors. As referenced, the HTC Sensation XE was the most remarkable cell phone on the planet as far as preparing power up to this point (with the arrival of the HTC One X and its quad-center processor). This is was on account of a 1.5GHz double center processor, giving extraordinary execution structure the equipment and programming of the telephone. Albeit marginally less incredible on paper, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a 1.2 GHz processor which is likewise a truly fit bit of pack, the advantages of which have contributed hugely to the telephone's prominence.

There are a lot increasingly unimportant contrasts between these telephones, which all add to one's assessment of which is ideal. The HTC Sensation XE for instance has Beats Audio innovation worked in, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 approaches on request premium substance, for example, motion pictures, books and games because of its Samsung Hubs administration.

Since there are numerous similitudes between these telephones, picking between them is probably going to boil down to individual inclination of either brand, or possibly there is a specific component from one which you couldn't live without. Whatever your supposition on which is ideal, you can be guaranteed that both the HTC Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are among the absolute best of Android gadgets, and the embodiment of what a very good quality cell phone ought to be.

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